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Lorenzo and Paolo,respective guitar and drums players, founded TRAMA in 1995.

The other arrives are Annalisa, at the voice, Luca at the keyboards and Gabriele at the bass. Their idea is to do a kind of music that mixing both together simple melodies and more difficult arrangiaments, using not banal lyrics.

So their kind of music drew its inspiration from Marillion, Yes, Genesis and some italian progressive bands like PFM, Locanda delle Fate and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso.

The last is Davide Bruzzone, their manager and writer of the lyrics of the songs.So rock progressive melodious become their style.

The first event in TRAMA's career was the partecipation at the rock festival "Oltre il juke-box" in Genova-Pegli, with other famous bands, in which they obtained good consideration. So they continued their performances in all the rock pub of the city. They appeared also in local radio and tv proposing much more brains of their composition.

In 1996 they played in a progessive festival with other two famous bands and they obtained good favours by the high attentance.

In the same year they do the first work, a demo-tape, that they sent to Mellow Records.

After they had their first contact with Mauro Moroni for the same label: the cover "Profumo di colla bianca" by  "Locanda delle Fate" that is part of "ZARATHUSTRA REVENGE", a tribute to the italian rock progressive of  '70.

This work had good references by the press for the good choice of the brain and for the good arrangiaments that they have done respect to the original.

In 1998 they make their first cd "PRODROMI DI FINZIONI SOVRAPPOSTE", always for the Mellow Records.

In this cd Trama go against the real rock progressive.At the first listening is difficult understand thir simple but not simple arrangiaments. They play in a simple way for the common people but wihtout forget the particula things that lovers of the gener like. "Visioni" and "Fuoco nel Buio" express better these intentions. But the more rappresentative brain is "Sogni" that in twenty minutes give the real sensations that Trama wants. Naturally they don't stop their events. They partecipated at the manifestation "Rock targato Italia" in which they obtained the second position at the selection of their country. The most important live is in front of more than 1200 persons for a benefic goal.

Always in 1998, in the mounth of december, it has been published the tribute to "ELP" "Fanfare for Pirates"in which they play the cover "Pirates".

In the tribute to the Canterbury Scene titled "TO CANTERBURY AND BEYOND" they play the cover "Unevensong" by "Camel".

In October 99 the first revolution: TRAMA change keyboard player. The new one is the young Elisa Montaldo who update the style of the band that now is more progressive then the previous cd "Prodromi..".

Elisa Montaldo

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